Tree in forest:not falling; waving    

About Arwen



Picture by Xole

Who am I? Well, I'm female, short, and a little strange.

I've been taking pictures for the last six or seven years, ever since I got my hands on my partner's old Ricoh manual SLR camera. It got stolen a year or so later, but by then I was hooked.

I'm trained as a herbalist - and I still work in the industry. I'm not sure if that's where the fascination with trees and plaintive came from. I suspect it's the other way around; that the herbal medicine came from my love of plants, and the way we interact with them.

Mind you, I still kill pot plants.

I've recently bought a shiny new Canon digital camera, which I'm gradually getting my head around. You can see the results of that on the photojournal. Do check the journal out; I've been having huge amounts of fun with it!

These days, despite the crutches and the occasional wheelchair, I manage to hop around Sydney and photograph various things that flit across my vision, as well as planned projects. Chronic pain changes you, but in my case I'm learning to use the changes to become a better person; and hopefully a better photographer.

About Tree in Forest

As a site, Tree in Forest should be pretty self-explanatory. My pictures are possibly less so, but I don't think anything should ever be explained completely; art especially! Most of the things I do are fairly multi-layered, and just about every reading I've heard of my pictures has been correct. Even the ones I've heard and been completely dumbfounded by! It's simplistic to say that everything is true. However, in ambiguity, every meaning is possible. I enjoy presenting things as they are, since we so rarely stop to look at them; but I also tend to build metaphor into the pictures I take. Hopefully you'll find something meaningful to keep with you.

About buying prints

I've had requests to purchase prints - if you've seen something you like, and would like a real life actual copy to hang on your wall or place proudly on the mantelpiece, email me!

I also sells prints through RedBubble, an Australian-based site that frames and prints artworks. You can buy Tree in Forest works on cards, or various sizes of frame-able prints, both ready-framed and unframed, and any time now there will be T-shirts. I'm looking for an American seller as well, to save my USA viewers some postage; but with everything else on my plate, that may take a while. If you know a good US-based site, please let me know!

Please feel free to contact me if there's a shot you'd like that isn't there!