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Things I like, things I read, things I use... there's some useful/interesting stuff here, so if you're bored or hunting, clickie!

My stuff
Flickr - just in case you have a burning desire to see my less formal projects, you can find me as Stealthflower over on Flickr.

General Photostuffs
Averted vision is the developing photo-blog (yes, the pun is delberate) of the very talented Xole, a photographer, writer, and all-round clever person.

My holga is on its way to me right now. The cheapest, kookiest, low-tech approach to medium format I could find. I think I'm in love.

Plastic Fantastic - Apogee photo magazine's look at the Holga.

Holga - a remarkably comprehensive look at all things Holga from Squarefrog. Including how to modify yours so it actually works!

Because no matter what we'd like, we cannot live by photography alone... - I describe myself as a Buddhist, although a very indiosyncratic one at times. is one of the most comprehensive Buddhist resources on the net, whatever strand of Buddhism you practice. It's Australian-based, but very international. Check them out, and donate if you can.

Buddhist Forums - one of the (many) blogs on my reading list is written by a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Melbourne; Loden Jinpa. I have a lot of respect for his patience, knowledge, and pragmatism, so when he started this forum, I was right there. Check it out! (Disclaimer: I've been roped into moderating there. My job so far is mainly stomping spammers)